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You are listening to BK Radio live online. BK Radio, a portmanteau for “BiikaapKooret,” translating to ‘the people’, stands as a beacon of unity in the radio sphere. Established in 2014, BK’s fundamental mission is to foster peace, harmony, and coexistence among the diverse communities residing in Mount Elgon and its neighboring areas.

At the heart of BK Radio’s communication strategy is the use of Kiswahili as its primary language, complemented by select programs in vernacular languages such as Sabot, Bukusu, and Agikuyu. This linguistic diversity enables the station to effectively connect with and cater to the varied linguistic preferences of its audience.

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The station is situated on the sixth floor of Ebby Tower along Kenyatta Street in Kitale Town, Trans Nzoia County.  BK Radio serves as a local hub for information, entertainment, and community engagement. Through its broadcasts, the station endeavors to create an inclusive space where different cultures converge, fostering understanding and appreciation among the residents of the region.

As BK Radio continues to echo the voices of the people and the world it represents, it stands as a testament to the transformative power of media in building bridges, breaking barriers, and promoting a shared sense of belonging among diverse communities.


The radio broadcasts on 98.2 western region and 99.3 north rift regions. Our area of coverage is the entire western region, north rift region, and eastern parts of Uganda.

Contact Information

Studio Number: 0703993993

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SMS Number: 0702993993

Email: isaacmarui@gmail.com

Facebook: BK RADIO 99.3 FM

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