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Listen to Sulwe FM live online. Sulwe FM stands as a broadcast radio station specifically tailored to target the Bukusu Community, which is one of the largest subtribes among the 17 sub-tribes of the broader Luhya people. The radio station has gained popularity in the western part of Kenya, where a significant portion of the Bukusu people reside. Sulwe takes pride in broadcasting entirely in the Bukusu dialect, ensuring a connection with its target audience through language.

The name Sulwe, meaning the brightest morning star that rises shortly after dawn, adds a symbolic touch to the radio station’s identity. Owned by Royal Media Services, the station is dedicated to keeping the Bukusu community updated, well-informed on current events, and entertained. The choice of name reflects a commitment to being a beacon of information and entertainment, akin to the brightest star heralding the dawn.

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By focusing on the Bukusu dialect, Sulwe plays a crucial role in preserving and promoting the cultural identity of the Bukusu community. This targeted approach ensures that the station remains a relevant and integral part of the daily lives of its listeners, providing them with content that resonates with their language, traditions, and preferences.

Sulwe FM serves as a cultural touchstone and a source of information for the Bukusu community, embodying the spirit of the brightest morning star by bringing illumination and connectivity through its broadcasts. Through its efforts, the station contributes to the enrichment of the cultural aspect of the Bukusu people in the western part of Kenya.

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  • Banjuka Show
  • Mumilimo
  • Endekhelo
  • Busia Bwasia Nako
  • Bwasia Ne Sulwe
  • Omundu no mundu
  • Mwakiteka
  • Reggae vibes
  • Kimilembe
  • Efuma Ya Wele
  • marhumbini


  1. Daktari Tunde
  2. Rev Sammy Kisondio
  3. Rass Tush
  4. Jose Yombo Yombo
  5. Shiombo Esther Mutonyi
  6. Lumumba Titus Mumelo
  7. Alice Muwanga
  8. Nabwile
  9. Daktari Tunde
  10. Diana Namboko
  11. Mbirira Machabe


Sulwe FM frequency is 89.6 FM


Studio Number: 0706444666, 0734606609

SMS Number: 22954


Facebook: SulweFM1

Twitter: @SulweFM

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