Radio Simba FM

Radio Simba Live

You are listening to Radio Simba FM live online. Radio Simba FM stands as a vibrant commercial radio station, establishing its roots in Bungoma town within the Western region of Kenya. This dynamic station embarked on its broadcasting journey on 1st October 2019, bringing forth a rich tapestry of content in the Swahili language.

Radio Simba directs its programming towards the expansive population residing in Western Kenya, Nyanza, and the Rift Valley. By broadcasting in Swahili, the station not only taps into the linguistic diversity of its audience but also ensures that its content resonates with a wide demographic, fostering a sense of connection and engagement.

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As a commercial radio entity, Radio Simba endeavors to captivate and serve its listeners with a diverse range of programs, spanning from informative segments to entertainment offerings. The station’s commitment to delivering quality content positions it as a key player in the media landscape of the Western region, contributing to the cultural and linguistic vibrancy of the local communities it serves. Through its dynamic and Swahili-centric approach, Radio Simba 91.3 FM strives to remain a cherished voice in the hearts and homes of its audience across Western Kenya, Nyanza, and the Rift Valley.

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