Kitwek FM

Kitwek FM

You are listening to Kitwet FM live online. Kitwek FM, a vernacular radio station broadcasting in Kalenjin, stands as a dedicated platform targeting the Kalenjin community, primarily residing in the greater Rift Valley region. This community encompasses various subgroups, including the Nandi, Kipsigis, Keiyo, Tugen, Marakwet, and Pokot. The station plays a crucial role in providing news, educative shows, information, and entertainment to its audience with the overarching goal of uniting and uplifting the Kalenjin people.

Through its broadcasts in the Kalenjin language, Kitwek FM addresses the unique cultural and linguistic needs of the Kalenjin community. The station serves as a source of relevant and engaging content that reflects the values, traditions, and interests of its diverse audience.

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Kitwek’s commitment to news, education, and entertainment aligns with its broader mission of fostering unity and contributing to the upliftment of the Kalenjin people. By creating a platform that caters specifically to the Kalenjin community, the station plays a pivotal role in preserving and promoting the cultural identity of the region.

Essentially, Kitwek FM operates as a vernacular radio station with a distinct focus on serving the Kalenjin community. Through its targeted programming, the station actively contributes to the social, cultural, and informational needs of its listeners, fostering a sense of unity and pride among the diverse Kalenjin subgroups in the greater Rift Valley region.

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Popular Presenters

  1. Mr. Plali Wa Kiplalis
  2. Dj Semason
  3. Emmanuel
  4. Cheptaab Chesserett
  5. Nahashon Biwott

Popular Shows

  • Bir Boisiet- Etyet show
  • Kakoech
  • Mas Mas
  • Betutab Rani
  • Kaberuret
  • Kitwek Vijana

Kitwek FM Frequencies

Eldoret- 92.9 FM

Nairobi. 97.5 FM

Contact Information

Studio Number: 0723 892654

SMS Number: 20154


Facebook: KitwekFM

Twitter: @KitwekFM

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