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Upendo FM was established in 2013 in collaboration with the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret and has steadily expanded its reach, resonating with audiences across the North Rift region of Kenya. With a profound commitment to evangelism and Catholic teachings, Upendo serves as a beacon of spiritual enlightenment, offering a diverse array of programs and engaging shows to its dedicated listeners.

Distinguished by its unwavering dedication to outreach, Upendo FM endeavors to bring the transformative messages of evangelism and Catholic doctrine to a broad audience. The station has become a trusted source of spiritual nourishment, fostering a sense of connection and community among its growing base of listeners.

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Upendo FM strives to not only disseminate the teachings of the Catholic faith but also to create a dynamic platform for dialogue and engagement through its varied and interactive programming. The radio station stands as a testament to the power of media in fostering spiritual growth, unity, and a deeper understanding of Catholic principles.

Upendo goes beyond the conventional boundaries of radio broadcasting; it is a conduit for spiritual enrichment and communal bonding, exemplifying the values of love and faith that lie at the core of its mission. With its roots firmly grounded in service to the community, Upendo FM continues to be a source of inspiration and guidance for its cherished listeners across the expansive North Rift region.

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