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You are listening to Imani Radio live online. Imani Radio, in operation since 2005, is a Christian radio station based in Kitale, a town situated in the North Rift region. The name “Imani” itself, meaning faith in Swahili, reflects the station’s commitment to its Christian mission.

The primary mission of Imani Radio is deeply rooted in Christian values, aspiring to make disciples of all nations. The station aims to contribute to the spiritual well-being of its audience by fostering a message of salvation, healing, freedom, and empowerment. The mission extends to equipping individuals with the tools and knowledge needed for a fulfilling spiritual journey, empowering them to serve in various capacities.

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Imani’s commitment to these core Christian principles positions it as a platform dedicated to both spiritual and personal growth. By broadcasting from Kitale, the station serves the local community in the North Rift region, providing a source of Christian teachings and inspiration to its listeners.

Imani Radio plays a vital role in promoting Christian values and fostering a sense of faith, service, and community among its audience. Through its mission-driven approach, the station contributes to the spiritual and holistic development of individuals in Kitale and beyond.


  • Baraka za Imani
  • Sifa Sunday
  • Safari ya Imani
  • Bao La Imani
  • Baraka Sato
  • Sifa Asubuhi
  • Sunday Drive
  • Shekinah show
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  1. Isabellah Masai
  2. Sally Akivaga
  3. George Etyang
  4. Mukhwana Mary
  5. Mary Wainaina
  6. Beatrice Macharia

Imani Radio Frequency

Imani Radio Kitale frequency is 88.8 FM Kitale.


Studio Number: 0718020333

SMS Number: 0737770970


Facebook: RadioImani

Twitter: @radioimaniKe

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