Rogue Radio

Rogue Radio

Rogue Radio is an online radio station owned by Andrew Kibe, a prominent Kenyan radio presenter. This was after he decided to quit Kiss 100 FM in which he had a Morning Show alongside Kamene Goro. He was later replaced by Jalango. Rogue Radio has been on-air for almost a year now and its main target audience is the youths living in urban centers mostly Nairobi.

According to Kibe, Rogue Radio’s programming include a lot of hit music and minimal talking.

Fans can, however, expect to hear the presenter make a come-back on radio, this time on his own platform.

Before landing on mainstream radio, Kibe cut a niche for himself online with his comedic, expletive-laden rants on various social topics.

Carrying a similar approach to radio, he cultivated a huge fanbase that is likely to tune in wherever he goes.

Andrew Kibe created Rogue Radio to disrupt mainstream radio by taking on the hard conversations that traditional radio stations find inconvenient for fear of upsetting the status quo. The focal premise of Rogue Radio is to showcase underground talent—an authentic and organic movement in its own right—by providing a launchpad, while giving a voice to the voiceless, speech to the unheard, valor to the underdog, and home to the misfit.

Rogue Radio is streamed from its studios in Nairobi, Kenya, at Allimex Plaza. Rogue Radio uses gold standard radio software, enabled by top-of-the-range studio hardware and cloud hosting to ensure both quality and stable sound throughout the globe.

Rogue Radio Live Programs

The Kibe Show with Andrew Kibe

Weekdays 7-9 AM

The 420 Show

Weekdays 4:20- 7PM

Ones and Twos

Fridays, 1-3 PM

The 90+ Show with King-D & Lamo

Saturdays, 10:30-2 PM

Music Night

Everyday 7:00-7AM

The 420 Show Breakfast Edition