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Radio Waumini is a Catholic radio station starting in 2003 and broadcasts from Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. The station aims to uphold Christian values and teachings of the Catholic faith at the same time striving to celebrate the rich diversity of contemporary Kenya, affirming all that is life-giving, as it promotes human development, justice, peace, reconciliation, and solidarity.

Radio Waumini also seeks to disseminate through electronic mass media, programs of social justice information that look at contemporary problems and issues, with the view of offering solutions, alternatives, and a deeper understanding from a social justice perspective on subject areas such as HIV/AIDS, peace, the environment, the economy, the arts, education and so forth…

Radio Waumini Popular Shows/Programs

  • Rosary
  • Soul Food
  • Morning Tide
  • Insight on HIV
  • Good Shepherd
  • Tumshangilie Bwana
  • Waumini Classics
  • Miwayo ya Sifa
  • Weekend Connection
  • Wimbo Mpya
  • Mishe Mishe


  1. Geoffrey
  2. Chris
  3. Wafula
  4. Violet
  5. Chisaka
  6. Duncan
  7. Monica
  8. Bramwel
  9. Kate
  10. Maurice
  11. Jenny


Nairobi and its environs- 88.3 FM


Studio Number: 0734 975 450

SMS Number: 23026


Facebook: RadioWaumini88.3FM

Twitter: @radiowaumini

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