Radio Jangwani

radio jangwani live online

radio jangwani live online

Radio Jangwani is a community radio station owned by the Catholic Diocese of Marsabit. The radio broadcasts to the residents of Marsabit county cutting through the tribal and religious aspects of listeners. Radio Jangwani acts as an instrument of evangelization and promotion of all initiatives and activities that sparks peace and coexistence across Marsabit County and beyond.

Popular Shows

  • Amkia Jangwani
  • Tumaini Hewani
  • Osimwerer Show
  • Misa Takatifu
  • Barizi Reloaded Show
  • Ltoilo Lino Show

Popular Presenters

  1. Isack Waihenya
  2. Wambaz OleMan
  3. Mzee Irma
  4. Samuel Kosgei
  5. Adano Sharawe
  6. Jillo Dida
  7. Fr. Bonnie Smart


The frequency is 106.3 FM.


Studio Number: 0717516010

SMS Number: 0717516031


Facebook: RadioJangwani

Twitter: @Jangwani106

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