Pearl Radio Kenya

Pearl radio kenya

Pearl radio kenya

Pearl Radio Kenya ensures that the gospel of the lord is shared through evangelism, preaching, empowering listeners, and entertaining them with wholesome and uplifting music.


  • Pearl in the Morning
  • Pearl Overdrive
  • Pearl party
  • Pearl Play
  • Pearl Kids


  1. Duncan Atalaku “Dunco”
  2. Brian Aseli
  3. Dj Klifftah
  4. Timeless Noel
  5. Alex Gvng Gvng
  6. Dj Petrox
  7. Joanique


Listen to Pearl Radio KE through the 96.9 FM frequency.


Studio Number: 0701 969 969

SMS Number: 0701 969 969


Facebook: PearlRadioKe

Twitter: @pearlradioke

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