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For four years on air, NRG Radio has managed to rise to one of the country’s most listened to radio stations. It has severally been crowned the digital radio king in town in many awards over the four years. It has a massive social media following because it provides interactive and visual content to the users. Its massive audience is also attributed to the station’s presenters and DJs who make each show interactive, engaging, and entertaining.

NRG is a slang word that means energy. The station is owned by Kevin Mulei, the Founder of M0Sound. NRG was named the number one station for music in Kenya according to a research report done by TIFA.


  • The NRG Breakfast Club: Monday-Friday 6 AM-10 AM
  • NRG Circle: Monday-Thursday 7 PM-11 PM
  • NRG Transit: Monday-Friday 3 PM-7 PM
  • NRG AM Show: Monday-Friday 11 AM-2 PM
  • NRG Groove: Sunday 10 AM-1 PM
  • NRG Starz: Saturday 4 PM-7 PM
  • NRG Deejay Mixes: Saturday 7 PM
  • NRG Total Access: Friday 7 PM-10 PM


  • Mwalimu Rachel
  • DJ Exclusive
  • Shaq The Youngins
  • DJ Twinizzle
  • King Kalala
  • Darya
  • Charlie
  • Natalie
  • DJ Shawn
  • Reedag
  • Gudah
  • Ibu
  • DJ Niche
  • DJ Brito
  • Ayuma
  • Stephanie
  • Kathomi


Listen to NRG Radio through the following frequencies.

  • 91.3FM NAIROBI
  • 96.3FM MOMBASA
  • 98.4FM ELDORET
  • 94.8FM KISUMU
  • 93.5FM NAKURU


Studio Number: 0710674674

SMS Number: 0710674674

WhatsApp Number: 0710674674


Facebook: NRGRadioKe

Twitter: @nrgradioke

Instagram: nrgradioke

Where are you tuned in from?