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Dubbed as the official Rhumba station in Kenya, Milele FM is one of the biggest radio stations in the country. The station is owned by MediaMax Limited and provides its listeners with news, trending topics and stories, entertainment, music as well as news and educational information.

Popular Milele FM Shows/Programs

  • Ibaada ya Milele
  • Kazi Mpango
  • Milele Breakfast
  • Milele Drive
  • Shangwe na Utukufu
  • Itambe Milele
  • Bangaiza Reloaded
  • Milele Drive
  • Pepeta Iwake
  • Baraka Za Milele
  • Misakato Ya Sato
  • Milele Fans Top 20
  • Milele Weekend Party
  • Reggaezine Milele


  1. Eva Mwalili
  2. Alex Mwakideu
  3. MCA Tricky
  4. Francis Luchivya
  5. Omondi Job
  6. Wilbroda
  7. Mercy Mmbone
  8. Kaka Zema
  9. DJ Finnal
  10. Dee Presenter 001
  11. DJ Big Sam
  12. Chris Da Bass
  13. Ankali Ray


Nairobi- 104.8 FM


Studio Number: 0700 936000

SMS Number: 20005

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: @MileleFM

Twitter: 0700 936000 @Milele_FM

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