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We all know Inooro FM as one of the top Kikuyu radio stations in Kenya. Inooro dates back to 2003 when it first aired. Since then, the station has raised to the ranks as one of the most listened radio stations in Kenya.

The name “Inooro” means a tool for sharpening tools in Kikuyu hence through the station’s programming, the listeners may be empowered in various ways as they become ‘sharper’.

Owned by Royal Media Services, the station offers news bulletins, business news, and highlights, profoundly interactive and intuitive shows, agricultural programs, social, economic, and political talks, Kikuyu music, sports news among others.


  • Hagaria
  • Cua Cua
  • Kigooco Ruriiini
  • Mwigariko Live
  • Mugiithi Night
  • Keera

Popular Presenters

  1. Jeff Kuria
  2. Nyoxx Wa Katta
  3. Dr Mugikunjo
  4. Dj Macjoj
  5. Nderitu Waihura
  6. Mike Njenga
  7. Prof Ngugi Njoroge
  8. Waithira Muithirania
  9. Patrick Karwimbo


Nairobi – 98.9 FM

Central – 97.8 FM

Meru – 95.1 FM

Chuka – 102.0 FM

Nakuru – 88.9 FM

Eldoret – 107.0FM

Mombasa – 99.2 FM


Studio Number: 0733 340101

Email: Number: 22989

Facebook: InooroFMKenya

Twitter: @inooroke

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