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ghetto radio live online

Let’s face it, Sheng is the first thing that comes to your mind every time you hear the name Ghetto Radio. Ghetto Radio Nairobi is a unique radio station. The station is regarded as the number one sheng radio station in Kenya.  It broadcasts entirely using the Sheng slang since its popular among urban dwellers, especially those living in Nairobi and its environs. It sounds crazy but the station manages to do so well that it has earned a space as one of the top-listened radio stations in the country.

Ghetto offers “street credible” news, talk shows, views, and entertainment by people from the urban ghetto, to an audience within and beyond. The station was set up to reveal what really the urban African ghetto life and culture look like and to be a channel through which ghetto inhabitants can tell their own stories.

Popular Programs/Shows

Popular Presenters

  1. Deejay Charra
  2. Dj Bling
  3. BonokoDeh
  4. Shideh
  5. Dj Double Trouble
  6. Majimaji Kenya
  7. King Kafu
  8. Deejay Katta


Listen via the 89.5 FM frequency.


Studio Number: 0711443886
SMS Number: 20895
Facebook: Ghettoradio
Twitter: @ghettoradio895

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