Emoo FM

emoo fm live

emoo fm live

Emoo Fm is a radio station that broadcasts in Kalenjin language. The station aims to tell the beauty and diverse culture of the Kalenjin community, the running culture and seeks to address the underlying issues of the rift valley people specifically the Kalenjin.


  • Hossana straight
  • Emostonyon
  • Mwaa karonetap Rani
  • Tikitit Tikitit
  • Teeb Sinai
  • Bustayat

Popular Presenters

  1. Daisy Rotino
  2. Sammy Arap Too
  3. Clemoo
  4. Kipsalbei
  5. MC Japhe
  6. Scola LadyDj


Nairobi 104.2 FM

Kericho 90.8 FM

Eldoret 91.8 FM

Bomet 105.5 FM

Nakuru 100.2 FM


Studio Number: 0733 918918

SMS Number: 0733 918918

Email: emoofmkenya@gmail.com

Facebook: EmooFM_Kenya

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