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Launched in 2006 by Royal Media Service, Egesa FM is undoubtedly the most listened radio station among the Abagusii people popularly known as the Kisii community which makes up the entire South Nyanza comprising of Kisii and Nyamira counties.

The station broadcasts entirely using the Gusii language. Egesa FM has structured its programs such that they can easily relate to and reveal the identity of the Abagusii people. They also serve to have a twist of some modern fusion to attract the and up-market and modern listeners who want to be associated with the Abagusii language and culture.

Facts about Egesa FM

  1. The most listened radio station in South Nyanza ie Kisii and Nyamira County
  2. Egesa FM appeals to the older listeners and has a 50 -50 gender audience.
  3. 68% of all listeners are rural listeners while 32% are listeners from the urban centers

Egesa Fm provides its listeners with interactive, engaging, and educative shows and programs ranging from good governance, current affairs, entertainment, lifestyle, health, agriculture, education, religion, culture among others.


Egesa FM boasts the following shows

  • Boka Boka,
  • Omugusii n’Ekebago,
  • Bwatera Abwo
  • Entabanania.
  • Chinyomba Chi’omogusii
  • Emisa Y’Egesa
  • y’Ekioge Kegotieria Ekioge
  • Chitange Inchibagora
  • Kenyeka


  1. Donya Toto
  2. Jared Onyancha,
  3. Kaka,
  4. Kevin Ombwori,
  5. Lawrence Nyakundi
  6. Lydia Mokogoti
  7. Manifestus Bogonko
  8. Maraburi
  9. Nancy Kwamboka Aka Nana Diva
  10. Nyabwororo Janet Meroka
  11. Okebiro Mose,
  12. Omoiberania,
  13. Omong’ina Getena,
  14. Sorobi Moturi Erastus


Listen to Egesa FM through the following frequencies

  • Nairobi and its environs- 103.2 FM
  • Kisii County- 94.6 FM
  • Nyamira County- 94.6 FM


Studio Number: 0724 256 504, 0733332236

SMS Number: 6942

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: EgesaFMKenya

Twitter: @EgesaFMKenya

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