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Listen to Chania FM live online here.

Chania FM is one of a few radio stations in Kenya that only play country music. The station targets Kikuyu country music lovers and enthusiasts as their audience. Besides music, Chania FM also hosts shows. These programs let listeners participate by sending their views and music requests.


  • Kanitha wa Chania
  • Mûîhîrîto wa Mbeû Njîthî
  • Weekly Round-up
  • Mûgithi wa Country
  • Love Nurse Show


  1. Cecilia Chege
  2. Ndegwa Wachira J
  3. Wanjirû Wachira


Studio Number: +254790080376

SMS Number: +254790080376

WhatsApp: +254790080376

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Chania-FM-Kenya

Twitter: @chaniafm_kenya

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