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You are listening to Wimwaro FM live online. Wimwaro FM is one of the radio stations under the Royal Media Services umbrella. Wimwaro stands as the preeminent radio station for the vibrant Embu community. With a commitment to delivering timely and pertinent content, the station caters to the information and entertainment needs of listeners in Embu, Chuka, Mbeere, Tharaka, Ukambani, and Kirinyaga.

Embu, known for its strong ties to agriculture, dairy farming, beekeeping, and sports, finds a reliable companion in Wimwaro FM. The station’s diverse programming, including current news coverage, entertainment updates, and engaging talk shows, reflects the multifaceted interests of the Embu-speaking community.

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Wimwaro takes pride in offering a range of segments designed to resonate with every member of the community, ensuring that there’s something for everyone in its broadcast. The station serves as a bridge connecting the Embu people, fostering unity and shared experiences through its insightful and interactive programs.

Adding a melodic touch to its repertoire, Wimwaro FM features music from popular Embu artists, celebrating the rich musical heritage of the community. By seamlessly blending information and entertainment, it remains a reliable and cherished source of connection for the diverse Embu-speaking audience.

Popular Programs

  • Kuthanduka
  • Mucanjamuko
  • Sports Kick
  • Wimwaro Vibes
  • Muririmbuko
  • Menuko
  • Guturatura

Popular Presenters

  1. Wanyaga Wa Micheni
  2. Gutua Mwathi
  3. DJ Stenz
  4. M. Kamwendia
  5. Freddie Mgenge
  6. Njeru KK
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Wimwaro FM broadcasts using the 93.0 FM frequency.

Contact Information

Studio Number: 0724256708, 0733120399
SMS Number: 32102
Email: info@royalmedia.co.ke
Facebook: WimwaroFM
Twitter: @wimwaro_fm

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