Sound Asia FM

Sound Asia FM

Listen to Sound Asia FM live online. Sound Asia, an Asian radio station broadcasting in Kenya with roots deeply embedded in the Indian Subcontinent, serves as a cultural bridge for its Indian listeners in Kenya. The station’s primary objective is to bring a sense of ‘Home away from Home’ to its audience, creating a connection to their cultural roots and heritage.

With a thoughtful approach to programming, Sound Asia has designed its schedules to cater to a diverse array of listeners, including those who enjoy Hindi, Gujrati, Bhangra, and Western music. This diversity ensures that the station appeals to a wide range of tastes within the Indian community in Kenya.

Sound Asia FM has garnered a varied and influential audience, including small and medium-sized business executives, college and campus students, as well as top business figures both within the country and globally. The station’s ability to connect with such a diverse audience underscores its significance as a unifying force within the community.

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Music forms a central part of Sound Asia’s programming, featuring newly released music from Bollywood and other local and international Asian artists. The station’s playlist spans various eras, including the golden oldies from the 40s to the early 80s, as well as the late 80s and early 90s, catering to the musical preferences of both the older and younger generations within the Indian community.

Sound Asia serves as more than just a radio station; it is a cultural hub that not only entertains but also fosters a sense of identity and connection for the Indian diaspora in Kenya. Through its diverse and inclusive programming, the station plays a vital role in bridging the gap between cultural heritage and contemporary life for its listeners.

  • Songs Serenade
  • Cuppa Oga N Coffee
  • Dil Se
  • Sangeet Kasafer
  • Co-Drive
  • Sundowner
  • Weekend Dhamal
  • Aapna Punjab
  • Gujarati Music Show
  • Zana Ka Khazana
  • Saturday Fever Show
  • Chalte Chalte
  • Sunday Brunch
  • Humsafar with Raj
  • The Weekend Affair
  • Saturday Masti


  1. Sneha
  2. Shubhrika
  3. Vimmi
  4. Afsana
  5. Pooja
  6. Vandana
  7. Darshni Panchal
  8. Manisha
  9. Amarjeet
  10. Rashmi
  11. Zana
  12. Kush
  13. Abijeet
  14. Nushi
  15. Raj
  16. Inaara
  17. Nikita

Sound Asia FM Frequencies

Contact Information

Studio Number: 0731 880880, 0734 880 880
SMS Number: 0733 880 880
WhatsApp Number: 0733 880 880
Enquiries: 020 3546868
Landline: 020-4453400

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