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You are listening to Sayare FM Live online. Sayare FM, a Christian broadcasting radio station nestled in Eldoret, radiates a transformative mission that extends beyond the spiritual realm. With a holistic approach, Sayare engages, nurtures, and empowers its listeners across the dimensions of spirituality, physical well-being, economic empowerment, and mental enrichment.

At the core of Sayare’s identity is a steadfast commitment to making humanity captive for Christ. The station envisions a harmonious coexistence where individuals, guided by the teachings of Christ, embrace unity and fellowship. By fostering a sense of shared purpose through the Lord, the station aspires to unite diverse communities into one extended family.

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Through its broadcasts, Sayare Radio serves as a conduit for spiritual enlightenment, providing listeners with not only religious teachings but also practical guidance for everyday life. The station’s dedication to holistic empowerment reflects a profound understanding of the multifaceted needs of its audience.

As Sayare FM continues to echo the transformative message of Christ, it stands as a pillar of support, inspiration, and guidance for its listeners in Eldoret and beyond. By intertwining faith with practical wisdom, the station plays a vital role in shaping a community that is resilient, spiritually grounded, and united in its journey of faith.

Sayare FM Frequencies

  • 98.7 FM Eldoret:(North Rift Region)
  • 91.1 FM Kitale : (Western Province)
  • 102.9 FM Kisii : (Nyanza Province)
  • 90.5 FM Kericho : (South Rift Province)
  • 93.5 FM Lodwar
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Contact Information

Studio Number: 0723 617867

SMS Number: 0723 617867


Facebook: Sayare Radio

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