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Listen to Radio Waumini live online. Radio Waumini, established in 2003, is a Catholic radio station broadcasting from the heart of Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. The station is dedicated to upholding Christian values and teachings rooted in the Catholic faith while simultaneously celebrating the rich diversity of contemporary Kenya. Its mission goes beyond religious discourse, aiming to affirm all aspects that contribute to life, as it actively promotes human development, justice, peace, reconciliation, and solidarity.

At its core, Radio Waumini serves as a platform for the dissemination of Christian values and teachings, aligning itself with the principles of the Catholic faith. However, it does so in a manner that recognizes and appreciates the diverse cultural landscape of modern Kenya.

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In addition to its spiritual mission, the station has a broader societal role to be a source of social justice information through electronic mass media. Its programs tackle contemporary problems and issues, offering solutions, alternatives, and a deeper understanding from a social justice perspective. These programs cover a wide range of subject areas, including but not limited to HIV/AIDS, peace, the environment, the economy, the arts, and education.

In essence, Radio Waumini is not only a religious broadcaster but also a catalyst for positive change in the community. By combining the tenets of Catholicism with a commitment to social justice and the celebration of diversity, the station plays a vital role in shaping a more informed and compassionate society in contemporary Kenya.

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Popular Shows/Programs

  • Rosary
  • Soul Food
  • Morning Tide
  • Insight on HIV
  • Good Shepherd
  • Tumshangilie Bwana
  • Waumini Classics
  • Miwayo ya Sifa
  • Weekend Connection
  • Wimbo Mpya
  • Mishe Mishe


  1. Geoffrey
  2. Chris
  3. Wafula
  4. Violet
  5. Chisaka
  6. Duncan
  7. Monica
  8. Bramwel
  9. Kate
  10. Maurice
  11. Jenny

Radio Waumini Frequency

Nairobi and its environs- 88.3 FM

Contact Information

Studio Number: 0734 975 450

SMS Number: 23026


Facebook: RadioWaumini88.3FM

Twitter: @radiowaumini

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