Radio Maria Nairobi

Radio Maria Nairobi

Listen to Radio Maria Nairobi live online. Radio Maria Nairobi stands as a dedicated Catholic radio station based in Nairobi, embodying a non-profit and non-commercial ethos. Operating 24 hours a day, the station is committed to serving the Catholic community and beyond with a diverse array of programs.

Radio Maria covers a broad spectrum of content, aligning with the spiritual and community-focused values of the Catholic faith. These include prayer sessions, spiritual reflections, eucharistic liturgy, para-liturgical prayers, catechesis, and the promotion of the rich Catholic heritage. The station also dedicates airtime to devotions, historical events, and the celebration of the lives of saints, featuring the saint of the day.

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In addition to its religious programming, it incorporates elements of gospel music to uplift and inspire its audience. The station also extends its reach into social and human interest shows, providing a platform for discussions that resonate with the community.

As a Catholic radio station, Radio Maria Nairobi serves as a valuable resource for the faithful, offering a continuous stream of content that fosters spiritual growth, community connection, and cultural appreciation. The station’s commitment to non-profit and non-commercial operations reflects its mission to prioritize service and outreach, making it an integral part of the Catholic media landscape in Nairobi.


  • 06:00: Good Morning Maria
  • 09:00: Morning Catechesis
  • 10:00: Tbt Thursday
  • 14:00: Kristu Tumaini Letu
  • 18:00: Familia Zetu
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Contact information

Studio Number: 0740 478 011


Facebook: RadioMariaKenya

Twitter: RadioMariaKenya

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