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You are listening to Pwani FM live online. Pwani FM is a government-owned radio station operating under the auspices of the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. The station takes pride in its mission to connect with the coastal community. With a dedicated focus on the coastal people, Pwani FM endeavors to serve as a unifying force through its diverse range of programs.

As a reliable source of information, Pwani FM keeps its listeners well-informed through regular news updates, insightful discussions, and engaging content that resonates with the coastal region and its people. The station’s commitment to fostering unity can be reflected through its broadcasting which seeks to address the varied interests and concerns of the coastal community.

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Pwani doesn’t merely broadcast; it strives to create a sense of community among its listeners. Through a blend of informative segments and entertaining shows that strengthen the bonds that tie the coastal people together.

By being a government-owned entity, Pwani FM plays a pivotal role in representing the interests and reflecting the cultural nuances of the coastal region. As a trusted platform, the station contributes to the collective identity of the coastal community, reinforcing the values that make it unique.

Tune in to Pwani FM for a broadcasting experience that goes beyond the airwaves, connecting the coastal people and celebrating the richness of their heritage.


  1. Dalila Athman
  2. Eric Mgenge
  3. Mashav Mashav
  4. Ken Wekesa- Ken 1GB
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Pwani FM Frequencies

  • 103.1 FM in Mombasa
  • 93.7 FM in Malindi.

Contact Information

Studio Number: 0706 591362, 0737 699548

SMS Number: 20154


Facebook: pwanifm103.1

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