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You are listening to Pearl Radio live online. Pearl Radio is a Christian radio station that stands as a steadfast beacon, dedicated to spreading the Gospel of the Lord. Pearl does this through a multifaceted approach encompassing evangelism, preaching, empowerment, and uplifting music. This radio station serves as a spiritual oasis, fostering a connection with its audience by delivering content that resonates with the core tenets of faith and Christian values.

Empowerment takes center stage in Pearl Radio’s programming. The station delivers content that uplifts encourages, and instills a sense of purpose, resilience, and positivity in the lives of its listeners.

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Music, carefully curated to be wholesome and uplifting, becomes an integral part of Pearl’s offerings. Through this, the station seeks to create an atmosphere of worship and joy, providing a musical backdrop that complements the spiritual journey of its audience.

Pearl Radio emerges not just as a radio station but as a spiritual companion, accompanying its listeners on a transformative and uplifting expedition through the realms of faith, empowerment, and soulful music.


  • Pearl in the Morning
  • Pearl Overdrive
  • Pearl party
  • Pearl Play
  • Pearl Kids


  1. Duncan Atalaku “Dunco”
  2. Brian Aseli
  3. Dj Klifftah
  4. Timeless Noel
  5. Alex Gvng Gvng
  6. Dj Petrox
  7. Joanique


Listen to Pearl Radio KE through the 96.9 FM frequency.

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Contact Information

Studio Number: 0701 969 969

SMS Number: 0701 969 969


Facebook: PearlRadioKe

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