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Listen to NRG Radio live online. NRG Radio has carved its niche as one of Kenya’s most listened-to radio stations, achieving this status over close to a decade on air. Renowned as the digital radio king with numerous awards over the years, the station has successfully blended traditional radio with a strong digital presence. Its significant social media following is a testament to its ability to provide interactive and visual content, enhancing the overall listener experience.

The success of NRG can be attributed to its dynamic and engaging approach, with presenters and DJs who bring a vibrant energy to each show. The interactive, entertaining nature of the programs contributes to building a strong connection with the audience, making NRG Radio a preferred choice for many listeners.

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The station’s name, NRG, aptly reflects its identity as a source of energy in the broadcasting landscape. Owned by Kevin Mulei, the Founder of MoSound, the station has become synonymous with delivering high-energy content that resonates with its diverse audience.

Notably, NRG Radio has been recognized as the number one station for music in Kenya, a testament to its impact on the music scene in the country. This acknowledgment, backed by research from TIFA, underscores the station’s influence and popularity among listeners who appreciate its musical offerings.

In summary, NRG Radio’s success is rooted in its ability to harness energy both in name and content. The station’s innovative and interactive approach, coupled with its focus on delivering quality music, has solidified its position as a leading radio station in Kenya.

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  • The NRG Breakfast Club: Monday-Friday 6 AM-10 AM
  • NRG Circle: Monday-Thursday 7 PM-11 PM
  • NRG Transit: Monday-Friday 3 PM-7 PM
  • NRG AM Show: Monday-Friday 11 AM-2 PM
  • NRG Groove: Sunday 10 AM-1 PM
  • NRG Starz: Saturday 4 PM-7 PM
  • NRG Deejay Mixes: Saturday 7 PM
  • NRG Total Access: Friday 7 PM-10 PM

NRG Radio Frequencies

Listen to NRG Radio through the following frequencies.

  • 91.3fm Nairobi
  • 96.3fm Mombasa
  • 98.4fm Eldoret
  • 94.8fm Kisumu
  • 93.5fm Nakuru

Contact Information

Studio Number: 0710674674

SMS Number: 0710674674

WhatsApp Number: 0710674674


Facebook: NRGRadioKe

X/Twitter: @nrgradioke

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