Nkanya FM

Nkanya FM, a vibrant Kenyan radio station based in Nkubu, Meru, offers a blend of engaging, musical, and informative content in the Meru language. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Broadcasting: Stay tuned to Nkanya FM seven days a week, 24 hours a day for continuous entertainment and information.
  • Language: Nkanya FM broadcasts exclusively in the Meru language, catering to the local community’s preferences.
  • Varied Programs: Enjoy a diverse lineup of programs covering entertainment, music, and insightful discussions on culture, health, talents, agriculture, business, and more.
  • Contact Details: Have something to share or inquire about? Reach out to Nkanya FM via phone at 0740317462 or email at nkanyafm@friqtechmedia.co.ke.
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For those in Nkubu, Meru, and beyond, Nkanya FM is your trusted source of entertainment and local insights in the Meru language.

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