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Listen to Musyi FM live online. Musyi FM, since its inception in July 2006, has firmly established itself as the premier Kamba station, targeting the greater Lower Eastern Kenya region, often referred to as Kambaland or ‘Ukambani.’ This geographical scope includes Machakos, Makueni, and Kitui counties.

Distinguished by its commitment to cultural and linguistic authenticity, Musyi FM exclusively broadcasts in the Kamba language, providing a valuable service to its audience by delivering content in a language deeply rooted in the local culture. The station offers a diverse range of programming, covering news updates, talk shows, educative features, comedy, sports, and business news. Inclusivity is a key aspect of Musyi FM, and interactive sessions allow listeners to air their views through call-ins and SMS, fostering community engagement.

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One of Musyi’s notable features is its emphasis on Kamba music, which is given top priority. This focus on local music not only supports and promotes the region’s artists but also enriches the cultural fabric of the community. By prioritizing Kamba music, the station becomes a custodian of local heritage, ensuring that the sounds and rhythms of the Kamba people resonate prominently on the airwaves.

Musyi FM stands as a cultural hub, providing a vital link between the radio audience and the rich tapestry of Kamba language, music, and culture. Through its diverse and community-centric programming, the station plays a pivotal role in connecting, informing, and entertaining the people of the greater Lower Eastern Kenya region.

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Popular Programs/Shows

  • Kinyuuto
  • Sermon On The Mount
  • Ikyakwoko
  • Umunthi Show
  • Ndukeyituke Show
  • Fagilia Show
  • Reggae Na Musyi
  • Kithembeo Show

Popular Presenters

  1. Boniface Muasya
  2. Christine Ndanu
  3. Dennis Mutuku
  4. Irene Wavinya
  5. Jacquelyne Kalenga
  6. Michael Kyalo
  7. Mukamba Mujanja
  8. DJ Noma Noma
  9. Onesmus Mwengei
  10. Samuel Mutuku
  11. Susan Ndunda
  12. Titus Muli

Musyi FM Frequencies

  • Machakos- 102.2 FM
  • Kitui- 103.6 FM
  • Nairobi- 102.2 FM
  • Makueni- 103.6 FM
  • Kitui- 103.6 FM
  • Kibwezi- 92.2 FM
  • Mombasa- 100.0 FM

Contact Information

Studio Number: 0724 256505, 0734 606607

SMS Number: 32102


Facebook: MusyiFM

Twitter: @MusyiFM

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