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You are listening to Minto FM live online. Minto FM, a Kisii radio station, stands as a broadcast platform owned by the Government of Kenya under the umbrella of the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC). The station’s core objective is to foster unity among the Kisii people through the delivery of informative and entertaining programs, coupled with interactive shows designed to engage and entertain its audience.

Being a government-owned station, Minto FM operates with the goal of serving the Kisii community by providing content that not only informs and entertains but also reflects the cultural identity of the region. Through its programming, Minto seeks to be a unifying force, creating a sense of togetherness among the Kisii people.

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The station’s commitment to keeping its listeners engaged and entertained is reflected in its choice of content, which spans informative segments, entertainment programs, and interactive shows. By catering to a diverse range of interests and preferences, Minto FM aims to maintain its relevance and appeal to the Kisii audience.

In essence, Minto operates as a cultural and informational hub for the Kisii community, contributing to the preservation and promotion of the region’s identity. As a government-owned entity, the station plays a crucial role in connecting with its audience, fostering unity, and serving as a reliable source of information and entertainment for the Kisii people.


  • Totinyie Ebigeri
  • Minto Bwakire
  • Bw’okoenia Amagogi
  • Entaburuta
  • Omogeni
  • Amagogi ime
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  1. Dennis Nyangau aka Ngurusumu
  2. Isaac Agwata a.k.a Masengenye
  3. Eunice Kemunto AKA Ekiababa
  4. Evans Makori
  5. Evans Mising’a
  6. Wycliffe Nyabuto Riang’a


Minto’s FM frequency is 101.7 FM.


Studio Number: 0723 892654

SMS Line: 0723 892654


Facebook: 101.7 MINTOFM

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