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You are listening to Mbaitu FM live online. Mbaitu FM is a prominent Kamba radio station in Kenya that stands as a resonant voice echoing the aspirations and collective hopes of the vibrant Kamba community. Mbaitu is more than just a radio station as it is a cultural emissary that endeavors to authentically showcase and uphold the rich culture of the Kamba people through its dynamic broadcasts.

With a keen understanding of the cultural intricacies and unique identity of the Kamba community, Mbaitu FM serves as a mirror reflecting the diverse perspectives, traditions, and contemporary life of its listeners. The station takes pride in its role as a custodian of Kamba heritage, creatively weaving together programming that captures the essence of the community’s values and aspirations.

As one of the most listened-to Kamba radio stations, Mbaitu FM plays a pivotal role in fostering unity and connection among its audience. Through a diverse range of programs, the station engages with the cultural, social, and economic aspects that define the Kamba people, ensuring that each broadcast resonates with authenticity and relevance.

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In summary, Mbaitu FM is not merely a radio station; it is a cultural companion, a source of pride, and a vibrant reflection of the Kamba community’s spirit. Through its commitment to creative broadcasting, Mbaitu continues to contribute significantly to the cultural vitality and connectivity of the Kamba people.



  • “Amuka na Mbaitu”- Breakfast Show (6am – 10am)
  • “Wia ni Wia”- Mid-Morning show (10am – 1pm)
  • “Pozi sya Mbaitu”- Afternoon Show (1pm – 4pm)
  • “Watinda ata”- Drive Show (4pm – 8pm)
  • “Ukomo wa Mbaitu”- Evening Show (8pm – 12am)



  •  “Munyaunyo wa Mbaitu”- Saturday Breakfast (5am – 11am)
  • “Weekend Poa”- Saturday Mid-Morning show (11am – 2pm)
  • “Miondoko show”- Saturday Afternoon show (2pm – 5pm)
  • “King’ang’ani”- Saturday Drive show (5pm – 7pm)
  • “Ukomo wa Mbaitu”- Evening Show (8pm – 12am)
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  • “Muutia wa  Klisto”- Sunday Gospel Breakfast Show (5am – 10am)
  • “Utumo wa  Nthyumuo”- Sunday Mid-Morning show (10am – 2pm)
  • “Wasya wa  Etikili”- Sunday Afternoon Gospel show (2pm – 7pm)
  • “Kilumi kya Mbaitu & Mbusi sya Thayu”- Sunday Evening show (7pm – 12am)


  1. Dj Wingala
  2. Joe Joe
  3. Mbilondo Ya Mbaitu
  4. Mukunu Mbwiko
  5. Musungu Kyumbe
  6. Mwella
  7. Ndakitali
  8. Nzau Ya Wia
  9. Nzokolo
  10. Sister Mirrie
  11. Terry Nzau

Mbaitu FM Frequencies

  • Machakos County92.5 FM
  • Kitui County100.4 FM
  • Makueni County- 100.5 FM

Contact Information

Studio Number:  +254 702 420 332

SMS Number: 22925


Facebook: MbaituFM

Twitter: @MbaituFM

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