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Magik FM live online

Magik FM is one of Nairobi’s leading online radio stations, uniquely propelled by the dynamic spirit of the youth and crafted exclusively for its audience. It takes pride in being the go-to source for Top 40 Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) hits, offering an extensive selection of global music that mirrors the diverse tastes of its youthful audience.

Accessible through both its user-friendly website and mobile app, the station goes beyond the conventional radio experience. It serves as a vibrant community hub, providing a platform for connection, engagement, and, most importantly, the enjoyment of exceptional music. The station is more than just a radio; it’s a virtual space where the youth can converge, share experiences, and revel in the magic of great music.

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Magik FM invites its listeners to join in on the energy of youthfulness and find a welcoming space to unwind. Whether seeking the latest chart-toppers or a diverse array of global beats, Magik promises an immersive and magical experience that resonates with the spirit of the youth.

Magik FM Presenters

Roy Bosire

Don Muffi

Peninah Mwaura

Rose Mutinda

Shakinah Eden

Mariam Akinyi


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Sports Central

HitWave 40

The Midnight Train

The Morning Rush00s Thursday Mixx

News at 1

Contact Information

Instagram: Magic FM

WhatsApp: 254708438517

YouTube: Magic FM


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