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light fm live online

You are listening to Light FM live online. Light FM is an online family Christian radio station in Kenya that stands as a beacon of faith and discipleship. The station walks by the doctrines of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. With this, it is dedicated to spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ and proclaiming the everlasting gospel. Also, the values of communication, discipline, teaching, healing, and service are woven into the fabric of Light FM’s programs.

At the heart of Light’s mission is the commitment to making disciples of Jesus Christ. The station aspires to nurture individuals who embody Christ’s love, serving as witnesses to His transformative power. This mission is inspired and guided by the Bible and the Holy Spirit, which form the foundation of Light FM’s programming and shows.

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The programming on Light FM is carefully crafted to align with the principles of the Seventh-Day Adventist faith. The station seeks to create an environment where listeners can immerse themselves in the teachings of the holy book. The Holy Spirit serves as the guiding force behind the station’s initiatives. This ensures that every aspect of its content reflects the divine guidance essential for spiritual growth.

All in all, Light FM emerges as a conduit for discipleship. It is also a source of spiritual nourishment and a platform for the proclamation of Christian values. Through its commitment to the Three Angels’ Messages and the imminent return of Jesus Christ, it invites believers to join in a collective pursuit of a Christ-centered life, marked by love, service, and the anticipation of His glorious return.

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