Kimuri FM

Kimuri FM, a beloved radio station hailing from Embu, Kenya, boasts several notable features:

  • Frequency: Set your dial to 100.6 FM to catch Kimuri FM’s broadcasts.
  • Diverse Programs: Offering a wide array of content, including entertainment, news, talk shows, music, and insights on culture, health, talents, agriculture, business, and more.
  • Daily Broadcasting: Tune in daily to stay updated with one of the fastest-growing media outlets in the Mt. Kenya East region.
  • Ownership: Kimuri FM is proudly owned by the Diocese of Embu, fostering community ties and values.
  • Contact Details: Got something to share? Reach out to Kimuri FM via phone at +254 798 506673 or email at
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For listeners seeking engaging content and community connection, Kimuri FM is the go-to station in Embu, Kenya.

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