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You are listening to Jesus Is Lord Radio live online. Jesus is Lord Radio, headquartered in Nakuru, stands as a prominent Christian radio station under the umbrella of Repentance and Holiness Ministries. Its core mission revolves around creating awareness among Christians about the imminent second coming of Jesus Christ. The station is driven by the teachings and leadership of Dr. David Edward Owuor, the self-proclaimed prophet of God.  It plays a crucial role in delivering the message of repentance and holy living to its audience.

At the heart of its programming, Jesus is Lord emphasizes the need for individuals to repent of their sins and lead a life of holiness. This message is conveyed through various means, including powerful preaching, uplifting worship songs, and the organization of crusades and missions. The station positions itself as the go-to source for individuals seeking guidance and spiritual preparation for the anticipated return of Jesus Christ.

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With a distinct focus on being the “only end-time radio station,” Jesus is Lord takes on the responsibility of preparing the way for Jesus by instilling a sense of urgency and reverence for spiritual matters in the hearts and minds of its listeners.  Further, It endeavors to fulfill its role as a beacon of hope and guidance in these significant times.

Jesus Is Lord Frequencies

  • Nakuru- 105.3 FM
  • Nairobi- 105.9 FM

Contact Information

Studio Number:  0774 445851, 0774 667722, 0737 734422

SMS Number: 0727 503030, 21636

Twitter: @JesusIsLord_R

Facebook: Jesus Is Lord Nakuru


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