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Listen to Inooro FM live. Founded in 2003, Inooro has evolved over the years to become a stalwart in Kenyan radio, earning its place as one of the most widely listened-to stations in the Kikuyu community. The name “Inooro,” derived from Kikuyu, carries a meaningful connotation as it translates to a tool for sharpening tools. In essence, the station’s programming aims to empower its listeners, much like a tool that enhances various aspects of their lives, making them ‘sharper’ in different dimensions.

Under the ownership of Royal Media Services, Inooro caters to a diverse audience through a multifaceted range of programming. The station’s offerings include comprehensive news bulletins, insightful business news and highlights, profoundly interactive and intuitive shows, specialized agricultural programs, and discussions spanning social, economic, and political topics. Inooro also takes pride in promoting Kikuyu music, fostering a connection with the cultural roots of its audience.

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One of Inooro’s strengths lies in its ability to address a broad spectrum of interests, ensuring that listeners are engaged and informed across various facets of life. Additionally, the station provides sports news, rounding out its diverse content portfolio.

In essence, Inooro stands as a dynamic platform within the Kenyan media landscape, serving its audience with a rich blend of information, entertainment, and cultural connection. Through its programming, the station strives to play a role in shaping an informed and empowered community, living up to the meaning embedded in its name.


  • Hagaria
  • Cua Cua
  • Kigooco Ruriiini
  • Mwigariko Live
  • Mugiithi Night
  • Keera

Popular Presenters

  1. Jeff Kuria
  2. Nyoxx Wa Katta
  3. Dr. Mugikunjo
  4. Dj Macjoj
  5. Nderitu Waihura
  6. Mike Njenga
  7. Prof Ngugi Njoroge
  8. Waithira Muithirania
  9. Patrick Karwimbo

Inooro FM Frequencies

Nairobi – 98.9 FM

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Central – 97.8 FM

Meru – 95.1 FM

Chuka – 102.0 FM

Nakuru – 88.9 FM

Eldoret – 107.0FM

Mombasa – 99.2 FM

Contact Information

Studio Number: 0733 340101

SMS Number: 22989


Facebook: InooroFMKenya

Twitter: @inooroke

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