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You are listening to Iganjo FM live online. Iganjo FM, under the ownership of Kenyan billionaire Andrew Ngirici, emerges as one of the Kikuyu vernacular radio stations centrally located in Nairobi. Positioned as a cultural and entertainment hub, Iganjo FM takes pride in establishing a strong connection with its audience through the expertise of its Kikuyu presenters.

Iganjo’s mission is to keep its listeners entertained while ensuring they stay informed about current happenings and noteworthy stories making headlines. The station achieves this through a lineup of shows and programs that are thoughtfully curated to cater specifically to its audience.

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Iganjo strives to create an engaging and interactive space for its listeners. The station harnesses the skill and understanding of its adept presenters to foster a sense of community. This also positions Iganjo FM as a reliable source of both entertainment and information within the cultural landscape it serves.

In summary, Iganjo FM stands as a testament to the fusion of culture and entertainment. Its dedication and focus to deliver quality content that resonates with the diverse tastes and preferences of its Kikuyu-speaking audience in Nairobi and beyond is unmatched.


  • Githima kia Ugooci
  • Hingura Ngoro
  • Iganjo Express
  • Kamũkũnji
  • Kenga Kenga
  • Kuoya Kuoya
  • Ndama Njerũ
  • Nĩguthiĩ Rĩu
  • Njaini cia Jehova
  • Nyimbo Kimuritio
  • Rirũka
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  1. Anthony Mĩthamo
  2. Anthony Mugo
  3. Charles Njama
  4. DJ Shoe Kĩratu
  5. Double J the DJ
  6. Gachiri wa Mwaniki
  7. Henri Kisinger
  8. Kanyoi Kawembez
  9. Mungai wa Wairimu
  10. Mwangi Mboga Wa Maina
  11. Njoki wa Nganga
  12. Wakarĩndĩ wa Ndĩthi
  13. Wangũi wa Babue


Listen via 94.6 MHz FM in Nairobi and Meru

Contact Information

Studio Number: +254719303030

SMS Number: +254 722 850 850

Email Address: info@iganjofm.slopesmedia.co.ke

Facebook: Iganjo FM

X/Twitter: IganjoK

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