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You are listening to Iced Radio live online. Iced Radio, your auditory escape into the world of rhythmic enchantment, offers a melodic haven for music enthusiasts. Specializing in delivering the latest and greatest hits, the station serves as a sonic gateway to a diverse array of musical genres, including reggae, rock, dancehall, and electrifying mixes from acclaimed DJs both within Kenya and on the global stage.

For reggae aficionados, Iced Radio presents a curated selection of soul-soothing rhythms, capturing the essence of this timeless genre. The resonant beats of rock music find a vibrant home on the airwaves, creating an atmosphere that echoes with the energy of dynamic guitar riffs and compelling vocals. Dancehall enthusiasts can revel in the infectious beats that dominate the airwaves, creating an immersive experience that transcends borders.

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Iced Radio’s commitment to featuring mixes from popular DJs ensures a continuous flow of diverse and captivating sounds. By embracing the best of Kenyan and international talent, the station becomes a sonic melting pot, uniting listeners in their shared appreciation for music that transcends boundaries and uplifts the spirit. Tune in to Iced Radio for a musical journey that promises to be cool, refreshing, and utterly unforgettable.


Weekly Shows

Monday – Friday:

  • Iced Breakfast 0600-1000 hrs
  • Street Chronicles 1000-1300 hrs
  • Barbershop Classics 1300-1600 hrs
  • Street Meditation 1600-1900 hrs
  • On To The Next 1 1900-2200 hrs (Monday to Thursday)
  • Iced Xtra 2200-0000 hrs (Monday to Thursday)
  • Unity Reggae Show 1900-2100 hrs (Friday)
  • Iced Xtra 2100-0000 hrs (Friday)
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Weekend Shows


  • Iced Breakfast Wave 0600-1000 hrs
  • Iced Vibration 1000-1300 hrs
  • Iced Xtra 1300-1600 hrs
  • The Arena 1600-1900 hrs


  • A-xtra (Africa Musical Tour) 1900-2200 hrs
  • Low Lights 2200-0100 hrs

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