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You are listening to Flamingo Radio live online. Flamingo Radio is an online radio station rooted in Nakuru town. The station has swiftly established itself as a dynamic force in the airwaves since its inception in 2016. Flamingo Radio operates as a non-profit organization with a dedicated mission—empowering the youth in the region.

At the core of Flamingo’s mission is the fervent commitment to provide a platform for the youth, offering them a valuable space to showcase their talents and aspirations. The station operates with a vision that extends beyond conventional broadcasting, aiming to foster a sense of empowerment among the younger generation.

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As a not-for-profit entity, Flamingo Radio aligns its objectives with community development, striving to uplift the youth by harnessing their potential and providing them with a voice in the public sphere. Through its vibrant and engaging programming, the station seeks to inspire, inform, and entertain, making a positive impact on the lives of its listeners.

Flamingo Radio stands as a testament to the transformative power of radio, using its influence to amplify the voices of the youth and contribute to the collective growth and development of the community it serves.

Popular Presenters

  1. Shem Kariuki
  2. DJ Ahappy
  3. DJ Charlie
  4. Otim Otim
  5. Njoro

Popular Shows

  • The Vibe Reggae Show
  • Backstage Show
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Flamingo Radio broadcasts both online and offline covering Kenya on 81390 on Safaricom and 30190 on Airtel.

Contact Information

Studio Call: 0710 117477

SMS Number: 0710 117477

Facebook: Flaming0 Radio Naks

Twitter: @Flaming0RadioKE

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