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You are listening to Coro FM live online. Coro FM is a vibrant Kikuyu radio station, that operates under the ownership of the Kenyan Government through the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. The station stands as a cultural touchstone, offering a diverse range of programs that encompass culture, talk, music, and lifestyle, tailored specifically for Kikuyu listeners in Nairobi, Central Kenya, and beyond.

With a commitment to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the Kikuyu community, Coro FM serves as a platform for discussions, dialogue, and celebrations of the multifaceted aspects of Kikuyu culture. The station’s engaging talk shows delve into topics relevant to its audience, fostering a sense of community and connection.

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Coro’s musical offerings reflect the dynamic and diverse sounds of the Kikuyu people, providing a mix of traditional tunes and contemporary hits. The station’s lifestyle programs contribute to the holistic entertainment experience, addressing the interests and preferences of its listeners.

By catering to the cultural, informational, and entertainment needs of the Kikuyu-speaking audience, Coro FM remains a key player in the media landscape, fostering a sense of identity, community, and pride among its listeners.

Popular Programs

  • Nohaha Nohaha
  • Canuka
  • Party Time
  • ūndūire Witū Gītooī Kīmenyaga Kīerwo

Popular Presenters

  1. Mùmbùi wa Mbarì ya Mbuu
  2. Kariùki mùrù wa Kìmani
  3. Cibu Kanyonga wa Mukono

Coro Frequency

You can listen to Coro FM on 99.5 FM

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Contact Information

Studio Phone Number: 0708503536, 0734235399

SMS Number: 20154


Facebook: FMCORO

Twitter: @fmcoro

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