Biblia Husema Broadcasting

Listen to Biblia Husema Broadcasting live online. Biblia Husema Broadcasting (BHB), launched in 1953 by missionaries Bob and Lillian Davis of the Africa Inland Mission in Kijabe, stands as a longstanding presence in broadcasting with a rich history. The station is a testament to the enduring commitment of its founders to share the message of Christianity.

BHB’s programming is characterized by a blend of gospel music and teachings. The station’s core mission is to faithfully make God known, drawing from the revelations in the Bible and the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, all through the power of the Holy Spirit. This commitment is reflected in the station’s dedication to communicating the Good News of Salvation.

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Beyond spreading the Christian message, BHB serves as a source of information, instruction, and stimulation for its audience. The station recognizes its role in not only delivering spiritual content but also in engaging and enriching the lives of its listeners through a diverse range of programming.

Biblia Husema Broadcasting, rooted in its missionary origins, continues to be a vehicle for sharing the Christian faith and values. Its enduring legacy, spanning several decades, underscores its significance as a medium that goes beyond entertainment, aiming to inspire, inform, and foster a deeper understanding of the teachings found in the Bible.

Popular Programs From Biblia Husema Broadcasting

  • Hossana Macheo
  • Mixed Flavors
  • BHB Mavuno
  • Jamii ya Mkristo
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Popular Presenters

  1. Benson Mwanza
  2. Ndenga Dynah
  3. Victor Mandala

Biblia Husema Broadcasting Frequencies

  • Nairobi- 96.7 FM
  • Eldoret- 96.3 FM
  • Nakuru- 102.9 FM
  • Kisumu- 101.5 FM
  • Lokichogio- 102.5 FM
  • Voi- 105.3 FM
  • Kakuma- 90.4 FM
  • Marsabit- 91.1 FM

Contact Information

Studio Phone: 0722 174200, 0202 728 304, 0724 699 622

SMS Line: 0110089270


Facebook: BibliaHusemaFm

Twitter: @BHusema

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