Berur FM

berur fm live online

You are listening to Berur FM live online. Berur FM owned by Standard Group, is one of Kalenjin’s radio stations recognized as the community’s premier source for information, education, and entertainment. It is dedicated to providing the Kalenjin community with the most informative, educative, and entertaining radio experience.

Under the slogan “Kaberuretab Gaa,” Berur signifies its dedication to delivering content that keeps the community informed, educated, and entertained. As listeners tune in, they become part of a vibrant radio experience that reflects the rich cultural tapestry of the Kalenjin community. Berur FM extends its gratitude to all its listeners for choosing to be a part of this informative and entertaining radio journey.

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Berur Frequencies

Kericho 90.0 FM

Nandi 90.0 FM

Bomet 91.1 FM

Nakuru 91.1 FM

Narok 91.1 FM

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