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You are listening to Baraka Radio live online. Baraka FM, launched on 4th February 2000, proudly identifies itself as the number one urban radio station on the Kenyan Coast. With a dedicated focus on serving the coastal region of Kenya, the station’s reach extends to areas such as Mombasa, Lamu, Malindi/Kilifi, Taita Taveta, Kwale, Meru, parts of Machakos, Tana River, and Bachuma (border of Tanzania).

Baraka FM employs a multilingual approach in its broadcasts, featuring programs in Swahili, Sheng Slang, and English. This linguistic diversity enables the station to effectively connect with a broad audience in the coastal region.

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The station’s programming is designed to fulfill the triple role of informing, educating, and entertaining its listeners. Baraka airs talk shows that delve into various socio-political, environmental, and economic issues, providing a platform for discussions that directly impact the community on a daily basis. This commitment to addressing relevant topics underscores the station’s role as a source of information and dialogue within the coastal community.

In summary, Baraka FM has positioned itself as a vital media outlet on the Kenyan Coast, leveraging its status as the number one urban radio station to create meaningful conversations and connections within the diverse communities it serves. Through its informative and engaging programs, the station continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative and fostering community engagement in the coastal region.

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  • Tulizo Health Monday
  • The Lane 327
  • The Mega Breakfast
  • Shika Mo Sunday Service
  • Saturday night live
  • Riddim Time
  • Buru Spoti
  • Pozi 254


  1. Lucas de Mackinnon
  2. Wyclif Okumu
  3. Macaneey 001
  4. Francis Mandi
  5. Mfalme Wa Dimba
  6. Cedrick Wandera
  7. DJ Temper


Baraka FM broadcasts throughout the coastal region on the 95.5 FM frequency.

Contact Information

Studio Number: 0722479800, 0733579800

SMS Number: 0700 413050


Facebook: Barakafmke

Twitter: @BarakaFmKe

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