Bahari FM

Listen to Bahari FM live online. Bahari FM, launched in September 2008 by Royal Media Services, has firmly established itself as a broadcasting radio station with a specific focus on the coastal region of Kenya. The word “Bahari” in Kiswahili translates to the ocean, providing the station with an immediate and resonant identity among the coastal people.

The station’s primary objective is to bring together the diverse coastal communities, fostering a sense of unity. In addressing the varied issues affecting the people, Bahari FM covers a spectrum of topics ranging from social and economic to political matters. This inclusive approach is facilitated through interactive shows and programs that are carefully curated and presented by individuals who possess a deep understanding of the coastal audience.

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By choosing the name “Bahari,” the station aligns itself symbolically with the vast ocean, reflecting the depth and breadth of the cultural, social, and economic tapestry of the coastal region. This connection with the local identity contributes to Bahari FM’s popularity and relevance among its listeners.

Bahari FM has successfully positioned itself as one of the most listened-to radio stations on the coast, emphasizing its impact in serving and connecting with the coastal communities. Through its engaging and community-focused programming, the station continues to play a significant role in shaping the media landscape in the coastal region of Kenya.

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Popular Shows

  • Twatulizaa
  • Tukobomba
  • ShazzaReggaeShow
  • Alikwe
  • Jamvi la Enzi
  • Asali ya Enzi
  • Chachawiza
  • kudzacha

Popular Presenters

  1. Pascal Shanga Deche
  2. Farida Ali
  3. Rex Wilmot Nzaro
  4. Salim Barissa
  5. Momo Kalume
  6. Robbie Chome
  7. Luqman Mahmouh

Bahari FM Frequencies

Mombasa- 90.4 FM
Malindi- 106.0 FM

Contact Information

Studio Number: 0713600931, 0737940940
SMS Number: 22942
Facebook: Bahari FM
Twitter: @baharifm973

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