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You are listening to Athiani FM live online. Athiani FM, a Kamba radio station, directs its focus towards the Kamba people, encompassing individuals both informed and uninformed within the age range of 18-50 years. The station positions itself as a key source of information, ideas, discussions, cultural experiences, and entertainment, with the overarching goal of enriching the lives of the Kamba community.

By catering to a diverse audience within the specified age range, Athiani FM recognizes the importance of addressing the varied interests and needs of its listeners. The station’s programming is designed to be informative, engaging, and culturally resonant, ensuring that it remains relevant to the daily lives and experiences of the Kamba people.

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Athiani’s commitment to being a vital source of information extends beyond conventional news coverage to include discussions, cultural insights, and entertainment. This multifaceted approach allows the station to serve as a comprehensive platform that contributes to the overall enrichment of the lives of its listeners.

The bottomline is that Athiani FM plays a significant role in connecting with the Kamba community, fostering a sense of cultural identity, and providing content that aligns with the interests and preferences of its diverse audience. Through its targeted and enriching programming, the station serves as a valuable resource for the Kamba people, contributing to their cultural experiences and overall well-being.

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  • Athiani kinyuuto
  • ikinya ya athukumi
  • Jarvis kimuyuka junior mbeki namba 4 muongoni,mwanaa kaindo
  •  kitindo kya Athiani
  • maasangya na athiani
  • News
  • Ngalawagospel program
  • Reggea show syukile reggea
  • Too wa Athiani Time


  1. Caro
  2. Jarvis
  3. Joshua
  4. Kevin
  5. Mercy
  6. Nick
  7. Stano
  8. Tina
  9. Tito

Athiani FM Frequencies

  • Kibwezi- 94.7 FM
  • Machakos- 99.2 FM
  • Kitui- 97.7 FM
  • Meru- 99.5 FM

Contact Information

Studio Number: 020 258 5610, 0728 290 534

SMS Number: 21992


Facebook: Athiani Fm – Wasya Witu Vinya Witu

Twitter: @AthianiFM

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